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In the primary school Program, the main motive is to build the learner’s foundation and prepare the children for their future. Mount Litera Zee School aims at making children the active participants in the process of learning and excelling in life. We hold the objective of making a Mount Literan confident and responsible and we have our primary focus on enhancing the child’s unique potential both inside as well as outside the classroom. We initiate with the Litera Octave Approach from Class 1 onwards. Mount Litera Zee School provides primary education at three levels :

Written curriculum

This is dedicated towards the methodology of thinking, exploring and questioning.


This one is based upon everyday observation and interaction.

Overall curriculum

This segment includes developing learning in various fields like Art, craft, Music, sports, field trips, civic support programmes etc. By the time a child moves from the Primary School Program to the Middle School Program, the child takes major leaps in learning process.